It’s mission almost accomplished in the Mile High City. The Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos have clinched the top seed heading into post season play. The Denver Broncos have just finished the regular season with 13 wins and only 3 losses. Can you honestly believe it? In his first season back from a serious neck injury that required multiple surgeries Manning has taken a team that he never played with before this season to the top seed.  Wow

Peyton Manning isn’t going to be satisfied with that. He won’t be happy until he is standing at mid field holding the Super Bowl Trophy in front of him. The only problem is he may have a hard time wrestling it away from the grasp of John Elway. The Broncos are now in the drivers seat. They control their destiny. The team knows what they have to do and you can bet your last dollar if they don’t they are going to get individualized instructions from the best field general that ever played the game. Peyton Manning will set them straight.

The Broncos just might be ready already. They could go all the way…….


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