The New England Patriots appear ready to lose Wes Welker. There is already talk around the Web about who his replacement is going to be. Can they be seriously thinking of just letting Welker walk right off the team and losing the chemistry him and Tom Brady have? The Patriots must not be very good at the bargaining table. There should be some way to cut a deal that would make both the team and Welker happy. To think there is someone out in the NFL that will be able to step in and have the chemistry with Brady is just crazy.

The Patriots might talk to a wide-out to take Brandon Lloyd’s spot, who is reportedly ready to head to a new city. The team is going to suffer tremendously if they let Welker leave.  I mean they are already losing Lloyd and then to lose Welker too. I am a little surprised Brady hasn’t had something to say about this situation yet. Or better yet one of  their wives. We all know from past experience the two of them are married to women who can’t keep their mouths shut. It will be just a matter of time before we hear from one of them I’m sure. Especially if Welker does leave New England.

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