I guess now that Hines ward is in the commentators both he finds it necessary to make statements about the lack of leadership within the Pittsburgh Steelers lockers room. Ward found himself in front of a microphone earlier this morning and said, “Those Kinds of Things Would Come out of a locker room I was a part of.” Ward was referring to the recent slamming of Steelers line-backer, LaMarr Woodley.

Lets face it the Steelers didn’t have the kind of season they wanted in 2012. they lost their offensive coordinator Bruce Arians. Ben Roethlisberger was out for weeks with an injury that could have killed him and they missed the play-offs. Of course guys are going to point the finger at someone or something.  If Ward truly believes the Steelers wouldn’t be pointing fingers after a season like they just had, he must have forgot how it feels to struggle.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are at a major cross-road. They are close to what many are saying is a rebuilding year. The team is getting older and they need to have a great 2013 draft. They have to find some guys that will fit into what it is the Steelers are trying to do. Hines Ward couldn’t have stopped people from talking in the off-season. he thinks he is more important than he really is. How was ward going to keep someone’s mouth shut when the guy who was doing the talking, did it anonymously?

Is Hines Ward a mind reader now? Can he tell us all, who it was that was slamming Woodley. Ward just needs something to talk about this off-season and the Steelers are a subject he used to know something about. If the Steelers suffered though the season they just had and Ward was still on the team people would still be making comments.

Ward’s leadership wasn’t the glue that held the Pittsburgh Steelers together. Winning was. if the players want to be happier in 2013, win some games and make the play-offs. I guarantee you if that happens no one will be slamming anybody come next February.

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