Derek Jeter has been an important part of the New York Yankees organization for the last 18 seasons. He could be one of those players who doesn’t know when it is time to get out. Jeter has yet to play a game in the 2013 season and it is yet to be determined when he will be able to play.

Now reports coming out of New York have Yankees manager Joe Girardi saying Jeter needs a mini spring training before coming back to the Yankees starting line up. How long of a spring training has yet to be determined.

Earlier reports had Jeter being ready for opening day, that didn’t happen. Jeter cold even compete in the spring training games without feeling the effects of his ankle surgery. USA Sports 360 reported before spring training began, that Jeter would be a problem for the Yankees organization this season. We also reported that Jeter wouldn’t last through the 162 grueling season.

Jeter is 38 years old and playing shortstop in the big-league is a task better left to younger more agile players. The New York Yankees are a professional major league baseball team, once upon a time they were a dominate force in the A.L. East.

The team is not a rehabilitation service for the aging. It is time to put nostalgia behind and move forward before it is too late to contend for a play-off spot.  It is time to say goodbye to Derek Jeter in a Yankees uniform.

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