Who can blame Ben Roethlisberger for being upset about the losses the Steelers are suffering. After all, no one is suffering more than Big Ben. He now has an injured finger on his throwing hand to go along with the rest of the bruises his body is getting from the beatings he is taking physically week after week.

But to come out and say the Steelers are the worst team in football when the world is listening, doesn’t send the correct message to your teammates. Big Ben has just shown the rest of the Steelers that he doesn’t have any confidence in them. He has played with some great people in Pittsburgh for a long time. Now he seems to be stuck with some bottom feeders when it comes to NFL talent.

Roethlisberger should have handled his frustrations behind closed doors with the team’s leadership. His remarks should have been kept private.  You have to play with the team you are handed once the season starts and the players in Pittsburgh look up to Roethlisberger.

Now that they can see he thinks the team sucks, how is he supposed to get them pumped up before their next game? There is still plenty of football left in the 2013 season. Roethlisberger is acting as if he has thrown in the terrible towel on his team.

This is the time in his career where he should have dug deep and used his leadership abilities to inspire his teammates instead of throwing them under the bus. With the message Roethlisberger is sending it is no wonder his offensive line isn’t protecting him.

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