The 3-8 Oakland Raiders take on the Cleveland Browns, for the Raiders they should see the return of Darren McFadden who has missing with a bad ankle. The question is can McFadden find enough holes in the Browns defense to take control of the game? The Browns defense has steadily improved the last couple of weeks, they were hard-hitting last week and caused a host of turnovers. The weather in Oakland is not going to be good today, the field will be muddy and the Raiders will have to rely on the running game to try to control the football game. The Browns defense is ranked 19th in the NFL in the rushing game.

If McFadden can burst through the holes he could quickly give the Raiders a much-needed advantage in today’s game. The Raiders are going to have to come out and control the tempo of the game and if McFadden can run with the football the Raiders could take control of the game. One thing McFadden is going to have to do is protect the football, the Browns defense has hit hard with the return of Phil Taylor and big Rubin. If McFadden can protect the ball and he can find the holes in the Cleveland Browns run defense the Browns could be in for a long day.

The Raiders need to win this game for pride. Both teams are 3-8 coming into the game and the Browns are favored by 1-1/2 points. If the Oaklnad Raiders can find a running game with McFadden and their defense can keep the pressure on Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden they should be able to get a win today. If they give Weeden all the time he needs then the Raiders will be in for a tough time. Weeden has the ability to complete some long passes if given time. You pressure Weeden a lot and you win the football game….

McFadden’s contribution will be huge if he can control the tempo of the game.

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