By Larry GLicken

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going into Cincinnati tonight to find their first road win of the 2012 season. The Pittsburgh defense is going to have to pressure the Bengals quarterback to take him out of his comfort zone. The Bengals have a great group of receivers that can make big  plays when they have to. The Steelers have been hampered by multiple injuries this season that have cost them the chance to win football games.

Not having play-makers like Troy Polamalu has cost the Steelers some wins this season. The Bengals are at 3-3 on the season and are just coming off a divisional loss to the Browns. The Bengals are going to put up a fight tonight that is for sure. I like Ben Roethlisberger’s chances of a win in Cincinnati tonight. The Steelers offense is clearly better than the Bengals and the Cincinnati defense if over rated. Roethlisburger should be able to sit back and pick the Bengals apart tonight.

The Steelers should be able to find their first road win of the 2012 season in Cincinnati, the team is better than the Bengals and there is no way the Bengals should be able to stop the Steelers offense. If Roethlisberger has the time he should be able to sit back in the pocket and surgically pick the Bengals secondary apart. I’m looking for the Steelers to blow out the Bengals to get Pittsburgh back on track to get to the top of the AFC North.



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