The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing some great baseball this season. They have the best record in the major leagues at 51-31 they are 20 games above .500. People have to be wondering if the Prates will have the same kind of magic after the All-Star break.

Last season the Pirates were off to a great start before the team self destructed in the second half of the season. This season if the Pirates can continue to play the kind of baseball they have produced in the first half, they would certainly finish the season as one of the best team’s in MLB.

The question is, can they hang on and get it done this season? I say yes, baring any injuries this Pirates team can turn some heads this year. They are just too good of a team to fall apart like they did last year.

The National League Central is full of contenders this season. Even at 20 games above .500 there are only 4 games between the Pirates and 3rd place. They have to keep producing wins to have a chance to get into post season play in 2013.

If they can keep this trend up, they should be there at the end of the season. There isn’t much room for mistakes and the Pirates should have learned a lesson last season. I don’t think we will see the same kind of implosion this season we saw from the Pirates in 2012.

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