The Ohio State Buckeyes picked up their 11th win of the season working overtime to beat Wisconsin 21-14. The Ohio State Buckeyes only have one game left to  end their season with a perfect 12-0 record in head coach Urban Meyer’s rookie season as the Buckeyes head coach. Meyer and his Buckeyes have been perfect thus far. Now it comes down to the game Buckeyes fans wait for each season, the Michigan game. For the fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes, the team could have lost 11 games and beat Michigan and the season would be complete. Now that the team is 11-0 and they have a chance at going undefeated in 2012 the Michigan game brings that much more excitement to the Horseshoe.

The Ohio State Michigan game is the biggest rivalry in all of sports. Known as the “Game” it brings more excitement than any other sporting event in the world. The Michigan Wolverines have a chance to play spoiler this season, if they can get a win the Buckeyes would suffer their only loss. The Wolverines have three losses this season and come to the Horseshoe with a 8-3 record.  You may as well throw the records out the window for this game. It doesn’t matter what the record for either team is coming into the last game of the season. For the O.S.U. fans nothing means more than a win over the Michigan Wolverines.

You can bet your last dollar the Michigan Wolverines will do what it takes to make a game out of this match up. The Buckeyes want to end their season with a perfect 12-0 record and the team knows what they have to do come Saturday the 24th of November. If the Buckeyes can pull off the win, Urban Meyer would end his first season as the Buckeyes head coach with a perfect record. Even that doesn’t mean as much as a win over Michigan.

Columbus Ohio will be filled with people from all over the country this weekend. The Buckeyes have the ability to make some wishes come true this weekend. If Ohio State pulls off the win, the city of Columbus will go crazy. It is after all the GAME……  Go Buckeyes…..


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  1. Football-no-it-all

    Wow, I heard that Urban Meyer didn’t really leave Florida because of health reasons..?? It was becasue he was having an affair with a 23 year old co-ed. What is going on with osu? Don’t they do back ground checks?? I think they should be never hire someone who may have a questionable past! Look it up on the internet!! I can’t believe it.

    • Anonymous

      Are you dating a french model?

    • Buckeye Fan

      You’re an idiot, Football-no-it-all. And your grammar is bad too.

    • Anonymous

      Go away, jerk

    • Buckeye Fan

      Who believes everything on the internet? Urban Meyer did have health problems and once he got over them, OSU came in open arms for one of the best coaches. Don’t be hating on a good coach and a good team…just get over it lol


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