The Colts have to play the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the play offs. Can the Indianapolis Colts beat the Baltimore Ravens? Sure they can, the Colts are on fire this season and Andrew Luck is able to find the kind of magic he needs to pull off the big win. The Ravens will be their biggest test of the 2012 season that is for sure. The team has had some big wins this season already even though they didn’t have to toughest schedule in the NFL.  Andrew Luck won games against seasoned veterans like Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, The Minnesota Vikings and Luck found a way to beat a pretty good team called the Houston Texans.

So, sure they could upset the ravens. The Colts come into the play offs with the team’s head coach back on the side line and they have momentum on their side including a quarterback who play well beyond his years. Andrew Luck comes into the game ranked 7th in passing. With his 4,374 passing yards he is only 1 spot behind the great Peyton Manning and 7 spots ahead of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. The Colts need to stay focused on protecting Luck to give the rookie time to get comfortable in the game. While Luck has made some mistakes in his rookie season by throwing 18 interceptions, he has still showed signs of greatness with his 23 touchdowns.

The Ravens aren’t the team they were in years past. Nonetheless they can still bring it defensively. Ed Reed has even slowed down this season. The Baltimore Ravens are in need of a youth transfusion and this Saturday when the Colts play then it may be exposed the most. Andrew Luck may pick this Ravens team apart. If he stays cool and doesn’t make the key mistakes I think the Colts can advance into the second round of the play offs. Keep your eyes on this Indianapolis Colts team. I have a feeling they are full of surprises…….


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