By Larry GLicken

The Indiana Pacers will take on the Miami Heat this afternoon, in what has to be one of the most physical games for the Pacers. They aren’t strangers when it comes to playing the Miami Heat in the play-offs, and by no they have to realize, they need to keep the pressure on Miami for the entire 48 minutes they play.

The Pacers need to bring it and they can’t back down, if they expect to win this series from Miami. The Pacers have enough talent and they should be able to be more physical than the Miami Heat. They have to find a way to slow down LeBron James. They have to be able to stop James from getting to the basket.

If the Pacers can take James out of his normal game, he will start to whine to the refs, and then he will crumble. Indiana should know that already, and they should be ready to do battle with the Heat.

The Pacers have to get it done this season. They cannot let the Heat win this series. How many more years can Indiana get to the show, and not win when it comes to playing the Miami Heat?

This is the season they have to find a way to get it done. Paul George needs to prove his leadership on the floor this afternoon and he needs to lead. If he can do that, I give the advantage to the Indiana Pacers.

But, if George backs down it is going to be a long series for the Pacers.


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