This is the season the Cincinnati Bengals could just go all the way to the top of the AFC North. The Bengals have a history of not doing well over the Steelers. This season could be the season the Bengals take two from their divisional rival. This first game is going to be interesting because of the addition of James Harrison to the Bengals defense.

Harrison has said he has no hard feelings towards the Steelers and he said he is over the fact the Steelers didn’t want him back after he gave his all for so many years. I don’t believe him, I think he can’t wait for the chance to lay out Roethlisberger. He can’t wait to show the Rooney family and the entire Steelers front office they made a mistake.

The Steelers offensive line had a hard time trying to protect Roethlisberger in week one and now they have to face a Bengals defense with a pissed off James Harrison staring into the eyes of Big Ben. It is going to be an exciting game and this week the Bengals have the chance to show all the people who predicted them to win the AFC north to be correct.

It is going to have to be both an offensive and defensive effort to take this game from the Steelers. The Bengals are going to have to play all 60 minutes. The team needs to avoid the mistakes they made in week one. If they can do that and Harrison and the rest of the Bengals defense can keep Roehtlisberger and his offense off-balance this should be an easy win.

This is the week Roethlisberger should have upped his disability insurance policy. He’ll be saying; Who Dey that kicked my butt…..

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