The Denver Broncos line backer Von Miller comes into today’s match up against the Cleveland Browns with 16 sacks on the season. If Miller can bring the pressure to the Browns 29-year-old rookie Brandon Weeden, the Broncos can force him to make more than a few mistakes. The rap on the Cleveland Q.B. is he folds under pressure. The Broncos come into today’s contest favored by almost 2 touchdowns.  The Browns offensive line has protected their Q.B. well all season, although they haven’t really face a guy who plays like Miller, they have provided great time for Weeden to through the football.

The Broncos aren’t going to let Weeden stand back there and fire at will today, I look for Miller to be a very disruptive force in the game and I look for him to add to his 16 sack total and I look for Miller to be bringing the pressure to the Browns rookie all day long. If he can force Weeden to feel uncomfortable in the pocket, he will help his Broncos to their 11 win on the season. Going into the play offs it is clear that the Broncos are going to be a force to deal with. The question is how much of a force? With guys like Von Miller coming after the q.b. that is a force to be dealt with…..


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