What are the chances that a father would see both of his sons coaching against each other in the Super Bowl? The odds were better for the Harbaugh family. The stage is now set for the bothers to face off against each other in the Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens will be trying to get a win to end the career of Ray Lewis on a high note. The San Fransisco 49ers will just be trying to win the Super Bowl. Either way this will be an exciting football game. Two brothers standing across the field from each other facing off in the biggest game the NFL has to offer.

For John Harbaugh getting a win in the AFC championship game is something that hasn’t come easy for him and his Ravens. In his 2 previous tries the Ravens lost. In 2 other seasons the Ravens were knocked out of the play-offs in the AFC divisional games. John Harbaugh finally got his Ravens past the AFC Championship game and into the Super Bowl after 4 seasons of falling short.

Jim Harbaugh has gotten his 49ers team into the Super Bowl in only his second year as the team’s head coach. Harbaugh’s 49ers were knocked out of the play offs by the New York Giants last season and he made sure those mistakes were not repeated this season.

This year could be the year of a Harbaugh. Which one is the question. Both men will want a Super Bowl win and the odds have to be favoring the San Fransisco 49ers. For the Baltimore Ravens they have already defeated the odds in making it to the Super Bowl. The Ravens really turned it up in the play offs. Not many were thinking they would be this successful throughout the play  offs with the way they were playing near the end of the regular season. Then came the news of Ray Lewis calling it quits after this season. Strangely enough the news seemed to spark new life into the Ravens team.

I still think the 49errs are coming into this Super with a slight edge over the Baltimore Ravens.


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