Anyone loving the Indians going into the wild card round with their 90 win season while lacking a single person on their roster worth spitting at (exaggeration but not by all that much) is probably under the opinion that small market underdogs can win big in today’s arena.

Better still they probably believe that baseball’s created a system in which anyone can win it all because so many different teams do. Sure cause look, the same few big market teams don’t win the World Series every year any longer.

But lets peer just a centimeter under the surface of this possible facade.

I wonder how many playoff favorites over the last few years had payrolls under $120 million?

My gut tells me it was not too many. And how many with payrolls under that repeat winning a round or two in the playoffs on a fairly regular basis? That’s a much better indicator of franchise health than a one year rocket to the top followed by years of obscurity.

Personally I didn’t consider teams like the Twins a success unless you called being the Yankees bitch in the 1st round every year something to be proud of. It surely wasn’t back in the old days when small market teams like the Twins, Royals, Pirates and A’s took turns at being real perennial winners with pennants and WS rings to show for their efforts.

Furthermore ask any baseball fan in Cleavland how they felt in 09′ watching Cliff Lee and C.C. lead the Phil’s and Yankees to a World Series at their direct expense.

I thought it was a punch in the gut to fans of every small market team in America, and the huge revenue discrepancy between the have and the have not’s means fans there will watch their teams loose their best players to the haves in short order or like the Twins give their favorite player a market rate contract and then kill their franchise in the process when they can’t even afford to pay the light bill anymore – a fate down the road that stares feel good teams like Pittsburgh (unless their able to financially join the big boys) and Oakland in the face inevitably. Yeah things in baseball are just ducky…

By Clifford’s Brother Kevin

Somewhere in the northeast.

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