The Green Bay Packers season all comes down to Seneca Wallace being able to help win football games. Wallace isn’t the best back up in the NFL. As a matter of fact he is far from it. Wallace is the type of player who would rather be standing on the side lines holding a clip board, collecting a check, than being played.

The Packers have little choice but to start Wallace. They also have little hope of winning while starting the 33-year-old quarterback. Wallace had the chance to start in Cleveland, the season before the Browns cut him.

He started 3 games in Cleveland when Colt McCoy went down with a head injury, and he lost all 3 of those starts. Wallace played in 6 games for the Browns in 2011 and he only completed 51.4% of his passes.

In his 3 starts with the Browns in 2011, he had trouble moving the team. He missed the mark with his passes most of the time and he couldn’t lead the team even though he was in a leadership role.

Wallace isn’t exactly what you would call a team player. He is all for himself and during his time with the Browns he had no problem, letting the media know it wasn’t his job to help anyone on the team.

Wallace started 21 games in his NFL career that has spanned over 8 years. He has only won 6 of those starts. The Green Bay Packers would do well finding another quarterback who cares about winning football games while Rodgers is out with his broken collar-bone.

This is an important part of the season for Green Bay and they are not going to be satisfied with what Wallace is going to give them.

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