In order for the Dallas Cowboys to get a win in Cincinnati this week Tony Romo has to protect against the turnovers. Romo has thrown 15 interceptions this season and he can’t turn the ball over in Cincinnati if he and his Cowboys want to get a win and put the pressure on the Giants in the NFC East. The Cowboys are only one win away from tying the Giants at 7 wins this season. Dallas has to be able to get off to a quick start against the Bengals who have just won 4 out of their last five games since coming off the bye week.

The Cowboys defense is going to have to cover the Bengals receivers and stop them from making the big plays.  The Bengals have a host of talented receivers and the Cowboys pass rush has to pick it up to pressure Andy Dalton into making some mistakes. This is a game where the Cowboys need to play solid on both sides of the ball. There is no time for Romo to find his groove this week. Romo needs to come out smoking and get his Cowboys into the end-zone early. The Dallas Cowboys need to be able to control the pace of play in the game to keep the Bengals off the field offensively.

If the Cowboys offense can control the game and keep Romo on the field I like their chances this week in Cincinnati. I look for this final four games to get very interesting for Romo and his Dallas Cowboys team…..



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