Lets face it folks, Geno Smith is not RGIII. Nonetheless, he may be the guy who can help the Kansas City Chiefs get back to winning football games. Andy Reid likes tough guys playing the quarterback position, Smith fits the mold of a Reid quarterback. Smith is quick on his feet, he can throw the ball and he can move out of the pocket to by his offensive teammates some time to get  open. The latest NFL Mock draft has the Chefs picking  Smith as the number one pick for the team.

Smith who played his college ball for the West Virginia Mountaineers has done well there. Hey went to 4 bowl games during his time with the Mountaineers. Smith fits the mold of what is happening with NFL quarterbacks as well, the guy is 6’3 & 220lbs. He is tough and he can help the Chiefs win football games. The real problem for the Chiefs is whether or not  Smith can make the transition into the NFL and start winning right away. I guess we wait until April and see if the Chiefs do indeed make Geno Smith their first pick.


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