This week should be interesting. Phil Mickelson has been on fire as of late and with his Open Championship win, he is moving up in the world rankings. Currently he follows Woods by just 3.9 points in the rankings. Mickelson should be able to play well at Firestone this week.

What would really propel him into the World’s number one spot would be a win in the seasons final Major. Phil is coming off 2 huge wins in Europe. He has always played fairly well in Akron, Ohio and he knows a win at Firestone would be huge to move him up in the rankings.

If you ask Phil, he might tell you he isn’t paying too much attention to the World rankings, but I don’t believe that for a moment. Nothing would put a smile on Phil’s face like passing Tiger into the top spot. For years the two of them have battled.

Phil finally is understanding how to play smart  golf and not get himself into the kind of trouble that causes him to lose tournaments. We saw first hand how Phil played in the Scottish Open and in the British open. At 43-years-old, Phil has shown a maturity this season we haven’t seen from him in the past.

By seasons end or even before that, Mickelson could be the Worlds number one golfer if he continues to play the way he played in Europe. If Phil plays smart golf in Akron, it would make him the favorite to win the last major of 2013. He should pass Woods if he does that.

Be sure to tell us if you think Phil can become the Worlds number one. Leave your comments below….




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  1. Marcy Edwards

    Sure, I believe phil M. cana nd will move into #1 – he is a courageous golfer and shows so much integrity and sportsmanship in his attitude and play – he’s my favorite golfer!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree…I love Phil and besides and intresting golfer a great human

      • Anonymous


  2. janlee

    As far as I’m concerned Phil already is No 1. It takes more than winning a contest to be a champion.

  3. Miquel

    nope, Phil will blow up,and shoot an 83 at Firestone.

  4. ruth a flanigan

    well, I think NOT… I’ve seen Phil at his best and worst … and, I belileve he does not have it him to win this one or the next one.

  5. Bob

    Phil is the most exciting player to watch by far!

  6. frank

    Yes he could, but I doubt if he will.

  7. george Logan

    Doesn’t matter what trhe rankings say Phil is head and shoulders above Tiger Woods any day.


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