The 49ers are certainly struggling this season. Some think it is the Jim Harbaugh offense that isn’t working and others think it is the lack of offensive weapons this season. One thing is for certain, the 49ers aren’t looking like the team that was going to dominate this season.

With a record of 1-2, it is too early to say the 49ers are in a must win situation, but it is quickly turning into a must win the situation with the way other team’s are playing this season. The 49ers have to come up with a way to make Kaepernick effective tonight.

He has to be able to play better in his last two games and if Jim Harbaugh is the coach some think he is, he better come up with some solutions fast.

The offense isn’t the only problem the team is struggling with this season. The 49ers defense isn’t able to stop their opponents from putting points on the board. This could be because they are spending too much time on the field. The offense isn’t able to control the time of possession and this is making it tough on the defense.

You have to wonder if Kaepernick’s struggles continue if Harbaugh is considering going to back up quarterback Colt McCoy.

The 49ers have to stop Bradford tonight, they can’t let the Rams control this game. If San Fransisco is going to get  a win, they have to control this football game. If not, we will see them off to a 1-3 start. And that is unacceptable for this organization that were favored to win it all this season.

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