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Can we forget last season’s implosion by the Rangers (along with the  underlying reasons for it) or would be foolish? This club had a year-long habit of forsaking fundamentals in the field and at the plate all throughout 2012 and when you throw in Ron Washington’s weird decision making and a suspect pitching staff you end up with a recipe for a .500 season or worse.) PLEASE don’t forget that this team began last year with something like a 22-4 record and then floundered through the balance of the campaign barely north of breaking even–and that was WITH  Mike Young , Mike Napoli andJosh Hamilton, the latter of whom they allowed to go to a team in their division who was strong enough to give them trouble BEFORE they added Josh’s 43 home runs and 128 RBI’s…


As for the starting pitchers, what you write sounds like a bunch of wishful thinking. Derek Holland throws straight fastballs and loses his mechanics every other time he takes the mound. He (like Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz) hasn’t lived up to his potential yet (and may never). Their young pitcher Perez is an intriguing talent, but he got hit in the forearm and only time will tell what the repercussions will be from THAT. Matt Harrison is a good pitcher-but not a staff ace, which is precisely what the Rangers are going to need since they’ve lost a ton of offense and Neftali Feliz can no longer be counted on for a contribution now that he’s been laced on the 60 day DL


Overall I’m afraid your assessment has the feel of someone wearing rose-tinted glasses. Take them off and look at this club with clear eyes.







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