Rumor has it that Chip Kelly wants to hire Pat Shurmur as the Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator. What is Kellly thinking? Didn’t Kelly watch any NFL football? Shurmur who was the St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator had a record of 2-14 & 7-9 while he was calling the plays. Shurmur never had a winning record with the Rams. He then was hired to be the head coach of the Cleveland Browns by former Browns President Mike Holmgren. Shurmur’s losing ways continued in Cleveland. Shurmur went 4-12 in his first season with the Browns and 5-11 in his second season as the Browns head coach.

For Chip Kelly to even consider hiring Shurmur to run the Eagles offense is reason enough to think Kelly should have remained a head coach at the college level. If Kelly hires Shurmur to call the plays in Philadelphia, he is limiting his fast paced offense. Shurmur has proven time and time again he should not be in charge of anyone’s offense. While Shurmur was with he Browns he hired an offensive coordinator. Shurmur refused to let him called the plays and continued to do it himself because he thought it was fun.

Pat Shumur is a serious liability to any NFL Team. He might have been a good tight ends coach but to consider him a great offensive mind is a joke. Pat Shurmur is the wrong guy to take the Chip Kelly offense were Kelly wants it to go. If the Eagles do hire Shurmur, you can bank on some major growing pains for Kelly’s transition into the NFL. Chip Kelly better be smarter than this. He better back away from hiring Pat Shurmur if he wants his Eagles offense to produce points. Shurmur’s last team was ranked 31st in the NFL when it came to scoring while in the red-zone.




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  1. BugeHalls

    “Shurmur has proven time and time again he should be in charge of anyone’s offense.” Sounds like a glowing endorsement actually! #proofread!

    • LG

      Should say shouldn’t be in charge


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