With the return of Von Miller in Denver, Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway, has to wonder whats next for the linebacker. The team couldn’t do anything for a guy, who was too stupid to help himself.

Bribing the guy who comes to drug test you, may seem like an ingenious idea to some, but think of the trust it violates with your team, the people who drafted you and the guy who makes the decisions who stays and who goes. Millers absence wasn’t missed on the football field at all.

The Broncos defense played fine without him. Miller took up a roster spot coming into the season, and when you stop and think about what a privilege it is, to be on a NFL roster, you can see guys like Miller take it for granted. Just think of the other linebacker that didn’t make the team because there wasn’t enough roster space.

Miller has a mountain to climb to regain the trust of the Denver Broncos organization. If you were John Elway, could you ever trust Miller again? No matter what Elway says, he is always going to be suspect when it comes to Miller after this stunt. He may be thinking of trading him, before he cost the team a chance to win. Who knows what is on Elway’s mind.

Miller is lucky he has the talent to play in the National Football league, he is lucky to play for a fine organization like the Denver Broncos. The team knows how to win, and they are doing it. Most players only dream of the chance to get to a super bowl. The Broncos players have a real possibility of doing so this season.

Miller should have considered what he was putting on the line before he did something incredibly stupid. He has to consider his team. It is not all about him. If I am John Elway, I am not sure I could ever trust Von Miller again, and that’s not the way you want to run your team.



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