With the return of Von Miller in Denver, Broncos executive vice president of football operations John Elway, has to wonder whats next for the linebacker. The team couldn’t do anything for a guy, who was too stupid to help himself.

Bribing the guy who comes to drug test you, may seem like an ingenious idea to some, but think of the trust it violates with your team, the people who drafted you and the guy who makes the decisions who stays and who goes. Millers absence wasn’t missed on the football field at all.

The Broncos defense played fine without him. Miller took up a roster spot coming into the season, and when you stop and think about what a privilege it is, to be on a NFL roster, you can see guys like Miller take it for granted. Just think of the other linebacker that didn’t make the team because there wasn’t enough roster space.

Miller has a mountain to climb to regain the trust of the Denver Broncos organization. If you were John Elway, could you ever trust Miller again? No matter what Elway says, he is always going to be suspect when it comes to Miller after this stunt. He may be thinking of trading him, before he cost the team a chance to win. Who knows what is on Elway’s mind.

Miller is lucky he has the talent to play in the National Football league, he is lucky to play for a fine organization like the Denver Broncos. The team knows how to win, and they are doing it. Most players only dream of the chance to get to a super bowl. The Broncos players have a real possibility of doing so this season.

Miller should have considered what he was putting on the line before he did something incredibly stupid. He has to consider his team. It is not all about him. If I am John Elway, I am not sure I could ever trust Von Miller again, and that’s not the way you want to run your team.



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  1. Anonymous

    This is a ridiculous article! First off the team defense is not ok, it is near last in passing defense and total defense. I suppose you also wanted to whisk Brandon Marshal away too. fortunately the Broncos are a class team and Von will get the counseling and support of the organization. Von Miller is going to be a beast with a lot to prove. It is going to be fun watching the defense turn it around and make Denver an extremely difficult team to beat from here on out, especially after the bye week when with some time they can get some things ironed out and get healthy!

  2. Leftfield15

    This must be a joke piece or written by someone who does not watch the Broncos at all. I’ll admit the trust will be an issue going forward with Miller, but the defense has been passed on like fruit cake at Christmas. They rank close to last in all defensive categories.They need the pass rush presence and a way to stop the run. The defense has not been fine, they just don’t look as bad as they are because the offense has been more than enough to compensate. Also, find someone to read your article next time to edit it before it is posted.

    • Vincent Hock

      The run defense is number 1 in the league. How much better do you want them to get.

  3. Anonymous

    who ever wrote this is stupid because the team love von miller he messed up now it time for hime to get back to business

    • LG

      Hey they may love the guy, but lets face it the NFL is a business and they don’t like it when guys don’t do what is required of them to abide by the rules…..

  4. anonymous

    Seriously? Denver defense played ok without him? How about passing defense is worst in the league? I don’t call that ok. Somebody clearly wants to see Miller on another team.

    • LG

      hey what is their record? The defense couldn’t have played that bad. the Dallas game really effected that stat.

      • Black Knight

        The defense in ranked 29th in the league in pass defense, 24 in the league on total defense, and about the same in defensive points. They stink and if they don’t fix it sooner or later we are going to lose. It is defense that wins championships, but Fox forgot about that.

        • LG

          So what they are winning every game they have played so far.

  5. anonymous

    Uh, Denver has given up over 300 yards passing in half of their games played this season (Ravens, Giants, Eagles). In two of the others they gave up over 290 (Raiders and Jags). I’m sorry, but the 414 against the Cowboys doesn’t have that huge an impact (although it does have one, I’ll give you that). I’m a Denver diehard, but even I won’t say the defense has played anything but poorly.

    • Black Knight

      They also gave up 305 to the worst team ranked 32nd in the league just this past week.

  6. Black Knight

    I trust miller more than I do Elway. Elway makes promises he doesn’t keep.

    • Kyle

      Like his promise to bring our team back to the glory we once had? Yeah he hasn’t done anything except draft Von and bring Peyton to Denver. That means nothing apparently. If it weren’t for Elway, we’d probably still be watching Tebow try to lead this team.

  7. Kelly

    I believe that this article has no legs to stand on and is the opinion of one “sports writer” based on the heavy use of the first person. Yes Von Miller has made mistakes. Yes the Broncos can use him. They will use him, and in my opinion have nothing to do but gain from using him. He is in the best shape of his career, and from everything I have heard from all of the news stations here, as well as Coach Fox, he is ready to play and has already apologized profusely for what he has done. Yes, the Broncos have gone 6-0 without him. He is a good enough player that they can insert him in the lineup and go another 6-0. And as far as he Broncos using a roster spot to keep him, they did not do that. They have to release a player that is on the current roster in order to add him back to the team.

  8. Utah Bob

    Wasn’t missed? They put almost zero pressure on any quarterback for 6 games! Look at the points Dallas scored. He is definitely needed. He’s annimmature guy who needs some mentoring and will hopefully learn a lesson. The Broncos have held on to wore problem players for much longer. Give him achance!

  9. Bill

    The article appears to be more about trusting him. It would be difficult to trust him again. Remember that during his suspension he was pulled over for speeding and not license. Not too smart!


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