Andrew Luck looked good this season, he has won some games people thought they should have lost. The Colts take on the Cleveland Browns today and the Browns have only one win on the season, can Andrew Luck beat a team that has struggled to find wins? The Colts defense is going to have to watch for the deep ball coming off the arm of Brandon Weeden. The Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has found a way to connect with his rookie quarterback for the long ball to find the end-zone on three separate occasions.  The Colts secondary is going to have to stay alert for this deep threat from the Browns.

The Colts running game could help Luck find a win today, the Browns defense is weak when it comes to stopping the run. Andrew Luck is going to have to stay patient with his passes. The Browns defense already has 10 interceptions this season and there is no way Luck would want to add to their total. The Browns could be coming in pumped to find their second win of the season and their defense could be looking to pressure the Colts rookie q.b..

If the Colts want to find their 3rd win on the season, the defense is going to have to guard against the long ball. If they can get the defense to apply pressure to Weeden he is prone to making mistakes. Weeden has thrown a bunch of interceptions this season and if the Colts defense can get in his face he will make mistakes. The Colts defense has to pressure the 29-year-old rookie. If the Colts can do this I like Andrew Luck’s chances of finding a win today….

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