Be cautious young man, that the advice coming Colin Kaepernick’s way from his head coach Jim Harbaugh. The 49ers quarterback is working out in the off-season and Harbaugh is concerned that Kaepernick is going to build too much muscle in his arms.  Can you imagine a coach worried about one of his players working out too much?

Usually it is the opposite that coaches are concerned with. They wonder if their players are going to keep in shape in the off-season. In the case of Kaepernick, Harbaugh has to worry that he will over do it. No wonder he benched Alex Smith in favor of this kid.

The guy is a workaholic.  He didn’t stop when the 49ers lost in the supper bowl. He went into the off-season with the kind of determination it takes to be successful in the NFL. Harbaugh has to be impressed with the work ethic Kaepernick has shown.

For 49ers fans they too have to be excited with the progress the team is making this off-season. The 49ers have a proven leader in Kaepernick and when you lead by example the way this kid does it gets contagious. If the rest of the team works half as hard as Kaepernick does, this 49ers team is going to be hard to stop.

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