Cam Newton out played New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Newton was too much for the Patriots defense to handle. Just when they thought they had this guy, he would take off running.

Newton rushed for 62 yards on 7 carries and he picked up valuable first downs when his Panthers really needed them to extend drives. Newton passed for 209 yards and 3 touchdowns, completing 19 of the 28 passes he threw.

Newton gave Bill Belichicks defense more than he could handle. They had no answers for this guy even thought they sacked him 3 times he still couldn’t be stopped. The Patriots couldn’t even slow him down.

Newton found Ted Ginn Jr. late in the game for the go a head touchdowns and they only left 59 seconds on the clock for Brady to try and do his magic.

The Panthers offense did a great job spreading the ball around throughout the game and he used 4 others receivers beside Ginn Jr. in the game.

With the win, the Panthers moved to 7-3 on the season and they are talking play-offs around the Charlotte area this season. Newton is the real deal.

The guy is just too much for defenses to handle and it seems to me that he is enjoying playing the game more this season, than we have seen in the past.

The Carolina Panthers are one game behind the Saints in the NFC South.

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