The Ohio State University announced the retirement of the Universities president Gordon Gee today. They can call it what they want. We all know they forced Gee into retirement, because of the record statements Gee made last December concerning Notre Dame.

Ohio State University is supposed to be an institute of higher learning. It is a place where young people go to learn to speak their minds. They are sending a terrible message to our nations youth. They not only are stepping on Gee’s constitutional rights to his freedom of speech, they are sending the message that if you say what is on your mind, you could lose your job over it.

People say they make the decision to send their children to O.S.U. because Gee was a hands on leader. I’ve talked to people who were visiting O.S.U. while Gee was out roaming the campus. He liked to mingle with the student body of this once great learning institution.

The great Earle Bruce summed it up the beast, he said they fire football coaches at O.S.U. and they fire the Universities presidents too. They might be saying Gee is retiring, but we know they forced him out.

Gee wasn’t serious when he made the statements he made back in December. Anyone who listened to the recording could tell he was making an attempt at humor. The people who were attending the meeting, enjoyed Gee’s comments.

How the media took this innocent exchange of a few jokes and turned it into something it was never intended to be is anyone’s guess. This is a sad day not only for The Ohio State University, but for the United States of America too.

The basic rights people study at O.S.U., the rights that were guaranteed by the constitution of the United States no longer exist.  Gee made a few jokes and he is forced into retirement. This is a bad call on O.S.U.’s part.

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