The Philadelphia Eagles have the bad luck of facing the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos in this week. Chip Kelly is going to find out how it feels to lose 3 in a row when this game is over.

There is little hope the Eagles are going to be able to stop Peyton Manning from having another record-setting performance this season. He is just too good and Kelly won’t have an answer to stop this guy from surgically taking apart the Eagles defense.

The Philadelphia Eagles will be 1-3 after the Broncos have their way with them. The Eagles offense will be stopped by a Denver defense that has played out of their shoes this season. Michael Vick will be running for his life and he will make the mistakes he has been known for since coming to the Eagles.

He will face pressure and throw at least two interceptions that will contribute to the Eagles loss. The team is going to be out-classed this week and who better to do it than the best quarterback that ever played the game.

Peyton Manning will school Chip Kelly this week on how an NFL offense should operate. If Kelly was smart, he would take notes and try to emulate what he sees Manning doing for the rest of the season. He will be learning from the best…..

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