The Arizona Cardinals don’t think they have any options at quarterback besides Kevin Kolb. That is where they are wrong. Bruce Arians could get Tim Tebow and build him into a winner. Arians is famous for building winning quarterbacks. He won the coach of the year award for the tremendous job he did with the Colts last season. Arians has a long history of turning quarterbacks into the best they can be. He did it with a rookie last season and he did the same thing with the Steelers.

Tim Tebow fits the Arians bill. He is big, he is strong and he can run to buy the time he needs to complete the plays. Arians could take Tebow and build him into an offense that could produce wins for the Cardinals. Even John Elway has stated that Tebow would be good in the right situation. The situation is right in Arizona because of the way Bruce Arians can bring out the best in a player. If Arians got Tebow and could work with him this off-season, people would be surprised with what this guy could do.

Arians has very little to lose. He could get Tebow at a reduced rate and it could give him the time he needs to get the Cardinals turned around. There are no better coaches in the NFL today that can nurture a quarterback the way Arians can. It would be a win – win situation for all parties evolved.  Arians should really consider reaching out to Tim Tebow and turning him into a winner. That is what Arians does, he builds winners…


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