The Broncos Von Miller better be careful of the statements he is making. The 2013 season hasn’t even started yet and he is predicting a “far superior team.  There is nothing wrong with Miller optimism. The team had a great season last year and to be superior to a 13-3 season is asking a lot.

Sure, the Broncos could have done better in the play-offs, but to improve on a 13 win season is asking a lot from a team that lost some of its key players over the off-season..  In order for the Broncos to do better than they did on 2012, Miller and his defensive teammates need to be outstanding this season.

The Broncos defense needs to become intimidating. Some how they need to find a way to get to the quarterbacks more often in 2013. They need to pressure their opponents to the point where they take away the down field threats.

The Broncos outside line-backer is already crediting the team being better because of the Wes Welker signing and the signing of veteran Shaun Phillips on defense. Sure Welker is going to give Peyton Manning another down field sure handed target to throw the ball too. Unless the Broncos defense does its part to slow down the scoring  of their  opponents, it isn’t going to make that big of a difference having Welker.

The Broncos defense didn’t do its job in the play-offs. The offense did. So unless Miller can inspire outstanding play from his defensive secondary this season, I don;t see them improving on their 13-3 season. Unless they get to the super bowl. That is going to take better defense in the play-off games…..

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