The Denver Broncos line backer Von Miller is certainly making things harder than they have to be. His recent arrest cold have been avoided if he would have just went to court for his traffic misdemeanor.

People appear in court every day for traffic violations. Why Miller would not show, is proof that he is making life harder than it has to be. Maybe his NFL appeal is getting to him. Miller contests he did not violate the NFL’s drug-abuse policy.

Maybe he forgot that he had to go to court on the traffic violations. I really can’t understand why he would let it slip his mind. He was charged with, careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

Not only is Von’s driving careless, he is letting his personal life become careless too. Maybe Von wants to be in the press more often. He could let his play speak for itself. He has 30 sacks over the past two seasons and he is a great player.

He doesn’t need to prove he is one of the NFL’s newest bad boys. He could show it on the field. The Broncos need to sit down and have a talk with Von. He is too good of a player to let this outside stuff interfere with his playing career.

Von needs to settle down and get back to the business of playing football. The Broncos and his teammates are counting on him to have a big season.



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  1. Kyle

    Did you proof this article before you posted it?

    • LG

      I did, what is the problem that you see?

      • BJA

        proof – not prof

        “Miller contest that he didn’t…” How about “Miller contests he did not…”

        The use of the word ‘that’ is often totally unnecessary.

        Gosh you guys are writers. I’m an engineer who failed English miserably.

        • LG

          You should go back and appeal that failing English grade…..LOL thanks for your help…..


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