We are only hours away from the start of the NFL free agent frenzy. In the case of Broncos wide receiver, it could be buyer beware. In Decker’s case, you have to wonder if his star shinned because Peyton Manning has made him one of his favorite targets.

There is talk of Decker taking a deal from the Colts, that’s if the Broncos refuse to pay him the kind of money he and his agent are demanding. Pairing up Decker with Luck, could be the next best thing to having Manning. The Colts QB, didn’t miss a step taking over where Manning left off.

But in the case of signing Decker, unless Luck intends to favor him as much as Manning did in Denver, the Colts could be throwing away a lot of money. The Broncos on the other hand will miss Decker that’s for sure. But John Elway seems to be holding his ground and whether he will make a deal Decker likes is left to be seen.

It probably wouldn’t matter who Manning has lining up on the receiving end of his passes. He is good enough at the QB position, he will get the football delivered to someone. But having Decker gives Manning a familiar target, and the Broncos probably shouldn’t take the chance of losing him.

In a few hours, we will see what the future holds in store, for Eric Decker and the Denver Broncos.

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  1. will

    If decker is all about the money and not team ggood bye


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