Broncos QB Peyton Manning has done well this week not being dragged into the mess Colts owner Jim Irsay has created.  Manning knows exactly what kind of person Irsay is and he knows better than to play the stupid games Irsay is trying to provoke.

Manning will do the thing he does best when he returns to Indianapolis this weekend. He will play football and he will be playing for the win. You see, Irsay is trying to make Manning lose focus of what is important, that’s the game. Manning has done this long enough to know, you can’t take your eyes off of winning.

If he would have let himself comment on the Irsay matters, he wouldn’t be doing his job the way only Manning can do it. It is all the hours of preparation that brought Manning to where he is today. The Colts are going to find out this Sunday, just how prepared Manning is.

He will take his offensive unit onto the field that he built and make Irsay eat his words. Manning and his Broncos offense will make it look east to beat the Colts. When it is all over Irsay will be wondering what the hell just happened. Then it will hit him..

He will recall he was so busy trying to stir up crap, that he forgot Manning was the guy who put that Super Bowl ring on his finger. He will then recall how many wins Manning had as a Colt and he will then realize he should have kept all of his stupid comments to himself.

He will then once again learn a lesson from the man who taught what he knows about football. He will look up at the end of the game to see Peyton Manning dressed in a orange jersey walking through the tunnel with both arms raised. Then it will hit him, the fact that Manning is the best there ever was. And he has something Irsay wished he had, Class and dignity.

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