Peyton Manning has played in the NFL long enough to know, a team is going to face adversity. When asked about the problems the Denver Broncos are faced with coming into the 2013 season he said, “it helps you determine who the rats are.”

Manning means this is how you find out which teammates are going to rise the the occasion and overcome the adversity the team is faced with this season.. He knows guys are going to step up and show they can over come anything to get the Broncos back into the play offs.

The team has faced a lot of things over the off-season. There was the mishap with defensive end Elvis Dumervil, the couple of DUI’s high-ranking Bronco’s officials got and now the possible 4 game suspension facing Miller.

Manning said, “That’s Football.” Manning has seen it all. He knows you have to put all that behind you and get to the job of winning football games. The only thing that matters in football is the win lose record.

Manning knows that and he is coming into the 2013 season with one goal in mind. He wants to take the Broncos to the play offs and he wants to add a super bowl ring to his hand. Manning is one of the great leaders in the history of the NFL.

If anyone can help the Broncos get focused on winning football games it is Manning. The team is lucky to have him behind center and don’t think for one minute he will let anyone on the field forget what their job is this season.


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