Peyton Mannning has his Broncos off to a great start,at 3-0 they look to be in control of the 2013 season. But Manning isn’t satisfied with just winning. He wants this to be his greatest season in the NFL. He thinks the team still has plenty they can improve on.

At the start of the season, we thought Manning would have a difficult time improving on last years 13-3 season. Now with 3 wins under their belts the Broncos look like they can have a better season than they did in 2012. Manning is the reason. He brings out the  best in this team and he won’t settle for anything less.

He has won and he is doing it by setting records this season. With 12 touchdown passes in his first 3 games, he is setting the bar high for this Broncos team.Even at 3-o the 37-year-old QB sees room for improvement. He is getting better with age and his teammates are getting better just by having the opportunity to learn from the guy.

Manning is one of the greatest field generals the game has ever known. He takes what he has learned on the field and he shares it with his teammates so they too can improve. The Broncos take on the Eagles in their next game and this will be a learning experience for the Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Manning will show him how an offense is supposed to function. I can’t see the Eagles being able to stop what father time has chosen to ignore. Manning is just too good to lose tot he Eagles. We could already change the standings to 4-0 if we wanted to.

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