Today is the day all football fans everywhere are holding their breath. Peyton Manning the Broncos record-setting quarterback will have his surgically corrected neck exam, and if it isn’t good he could be forced to retire from the game.

Manning is coming off one of his best seasons in the NFL. He set records all season and took his team to the Super Bowl. Manning couldn’t get much going and the Broncos were embarrassed in the big-game, but nonetheless Manning had a great year.

You could say he has unfinished business. He still only has one Super Bowl ring and he wants another. Manning has to get through this neck exam before he can continue his career in the NFL.

The Broncos have to be holding their breath too. Manning hasn’t fallen short on any of the team’s expectations since they signed him and Elway knows today could throw a wrench into their plans.

Manning should be OK, but that is just our opinion. He hasn’t shown any signs of having neck problems but we can’t see inside his body. Only Manning knows how he feels.

He is the type of guy who isn’t going to say much if his neck was going to give him problems. We will find out today what the future holds for the Broncos quarterback.

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