By Larry GLicken

The huge 96 million dollar bet John Elway placed on Peyton Manning leading the Denver Broncos to the play-offs this season is paying large dividends. The Broncos already have a lead in the AFC West and they could get to a 5 game lead with a win today over Tampa Bay if the other teams lose. Needless to say the Broncos will make it into the NFL play-offs behind the leadership of Manning’s arm. Peyton Manning has to be the come back player of the year in the NFL.

While many counted Manning out, Elway saw the silver lining that could turn to gold soon. Manning has brought his leadership ability to Denver, he is still one of the best field general in the National Football League. John Elway was right when he went out and signed Manning in the off-season. Peyton Manning still has what it takes to lead an NFL football team. He is a proven leader in the NFL and he is still one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL.

If Manning can take his Broncos to the super bowl, this season will be one of the best come-back stories in NFL history. The biggest mistake people made was to assume that Peyton’s career was over. Manning still has it and he proves that point each time he starts playing for his Broncos.



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