The Broncos Peyton Manning looked pretty good as he threw the first touchdown pass of the pro bowl to Cincinnati’s A.J. Green. Manning hit a quick strike to Green in the back of the end zone to put the AFC on the board in just 42 seconds. Manning should have been able to do that in the Broncos play off game, to be fair to Manning it was the Broncos defense that lost that game. The Problem Manning has always had was winning play off games. He has got their 11 times and lost 8.

Nonetheless I am sure Manning will have his Broncos looking great again in the 2013 season. He is just too good not to be there again. Baring injury I fully expect to see Manning and his Broncos back on top again this season.  It was good to see him start the game for the AFC, it was Manning’s to the pro bowl 12 times in his career.


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