Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning didn’t have the night he wanted at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Manning threw the ball 23 times and completed 16 of those passes. It wasn’t the in-completions that bothered the 4 time league M.V.P., it was the 2 interceptions that got to Manning. Although it is only preseason and the game doesn’t count for anything, Manning is too competitive to have his passes picked off. Manning did look well in his come back to the NFL as a starting quarterback. Throwing for 177 yards for a 7.7 yard per pass average shows the field general still has the ability to complete the passes quickly to tear other teams defenses apart.

The two interceptions could have just a bit to do with the altitude at Mile High. The ball could have a little ability to sail playing that high. Hey, giving me a little credit for coming up with this altitude excuse for Manning…….The Broncos had other problems besides the 2 int’s. The Broncos defense had more than a little problem stopping the Seahawks running game. Seattle was able to rush for a combined 228 yards on the ground and they controlled the pace of the game doing so.

The Broncos defense would watch Seattle’s Tyrell Sutton rush for 48 yards on 3 carries. Ouch…..John Elway’s Broncos defense has its work cut before the season starts. Having Manning is one thing, Having a defense that can’t stop the runs is going to limit just how much time Peyton Manning can spend on the field during the games. Their is only so much a Peyton Manning can do……


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