Denver Broncos coach  John Fox is upset over the stupid comments made by Jim Irsay regarding Peyton Manning only winning one Super Bowl in his 14 years with the Colts. Anyone who knows how Irsay operates, knows he puts his foot in his mouth at times.

Lets face it, Irsay isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. He was dumb enough to think Manning’s NFL career was over and he let his QB walk. Sure Irsay says he isn’t sorry that he let Manning go, but do we believe it? No, not at all. This Sunday when the Broncos take on the Colts, it will be Peyton Manning himself that delivers the knock out blow that shuts that big mouth of Jim Irasy.

Manning’s NFL experience will teach the Colts young Andrew Luck a few things about how to play quarterback in the NFL.

Irsay will be perched high above the field in his cushy box watching in awe. He will regret the things he said leading up to this game once the clock expires in the 4th quarter and he sees the score board showing him that the guy who only won his sorry ass one Super Bowl , handed his Colts their second loss in a row.

Irsay thinks this match-up is like a prize-fight, he is using the media all week to talk crap thinking it is going to bother one of the all time greatest NFL quarterbacks in Peyton Manning.

The guy is nuts. Manning will use this nonsense as an inspiration to show his old boss a thing or two. Irsay will be totally embarrassed about shooting his loud obnoxious mouth off this week.

It will be Peyton Manning who has the last laugh.



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  1. Giovanni Amoroso

    From your post to God’s eyes!! Go Broncos!!.. Go Peyton!! Weeeeeeeeee!!


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