As the Denver Broncos continue to work on their passing game, reporters peppered Manning with questions after Monday’s work-out. It seems as though Manning isn’t very accurate on the deep balls, yes there still is questions concerning Manning’s arm strength as well. Manning is after all still rehabbing from the surgeries he had on his neck to try to repair the nerve damage he suffered.  Broncos coach John Fox isn’t going to be slamming Manning at this point, the guy is still making his way back to the NFL as the number one starting quarterback. Frankly, I am a bit surprised they are letting Manning throw that many deep balls at this point. He did miss the entire season last year and he is still on the mend.

Manning may not have that many passes left in his arm, last I heard there was  limit to just how many passes the Broncos were going to let Peyton Manning throw. Why wear his arm out before the season even starts. Manning is going to have a difficult time adjusting to the speed of an NFL game as it is. The guy hasn’t competed on that level in some time. I say let him do what he has always done best, pick the defenses apart with his skills and complete passes to his tight ends that continue to move his team down the field. when it comes to that Manning is dangerous. It will be very interesting to see at what  level Peyton Manning can compete once the season gets under way. We may even get a glimpse of how well he is doing in the per-season. Either way it is going to be very exciting to see Peyton return to the game….


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