Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are doing what they have done for years now, they are winning play off football games. The New England Patriots have beat the Houston Texans and they did it convincingly.  The New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans 41-28 to advance into the AFC Championship game once again to do battle with the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady had to look on his face after the victory over the Texans that told everyone who was watching he knows what is coming next. Brady who has had a tremendous 2012 season goes into the AFC Championship game with the Ravens who have had some inspiration from the greatest Raven of all time, Ray Lewis.

Both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick know the Ravens aren’t only looking to advance by beating New England, they both know this could be the last time they see Ray Lewis on the field trying to take down Tom Brady. Both men know this Ravens team is going to be pumped up more than ever before. For this is Ray Lewis’s final game against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Belichick is a master at getting his team ready to play football.  In the play offs there aren’t many teams that have done better than the Patriots. What Bill Belichick has never done before is to get his Patriots team ready to face a Ray Lewis that is getting ready to call it quits.

The Patriots want this Super Bowl appearance and they took a beating today themselves when Rob Gronkowski went out with an injury to his forearm that will need surgery. Playing in the AFC Championship game without their big tight end Gronkowski will present a bit of a challenge.  Brady said after the Houston game the entire game plan was aborted once Gronk went down to injury. The Patriots were able to take down the Ravens without Gronk but they know this Ravens team wants this bad.

Belichick is going to have his hands full trying to figure out a way to take down a Ray Lewis inspired Ravens team.  Both him and Brady probably are already talking about what they can do to slow down that Ravens over the hill defense that just keeps on defending. I can’t wait to see what the next game brings the Patriots way.


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