The New York Jets offense had no answers today as the San Francisco 49ers held Mark Sanchez to just 98 yards passing and no touchdowns with 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Sanchez had one interception and Tim Tebow completed only one pass for 9 yards. The 49ers were clearly in control of this game. The New York Jets couldn’t stop the 49ers defensively either. The 49ers were in the lead 27-0 with under 8 minutes left to play in the game. The Jets would need a miracle to pull this one-off. It may be time for the Jets to consider starting Tim Tebow as the teams quarterback.

The Jets have a real problem Ryan needs to deal with. The Jets offense isn’t getting it done and they are going to fall to 2-2 after this loss. Ryan has got to find a way to get his Jets defense to pick up the pace and the Jets offense has got to be more consistent. Tim Tebow would bring a new level of excitement to the Jets offense. Tebow can keep a play alive and if the Jets are going to have play-off hopes they are going to need to keep plays alive. The 49ers made it look too easy to hold the Jets score-less for more than 3 quarters today…..


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