The Boston Red Sox made short work out of the series against the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays pitching as good as it is, wasn’t too difficult for the Red SOx. Now with the series coming up against the Detroit Tigers, is the Red Sox offense up for the task of taking on the Tigers starting rotation.

Lets face it the Tigers will give the Red Sox a tougher time in the series due to their play off experience. But the way Boston has been able to hit good pitching this season, will the Tigers be much of a match?

The Red Sox will be in for a battle. The Tigers want to get back to the world series to prove what happened last season was a fluke.  The Red Sox pitching staff has to rise to the occasion facing the Tigers.

So not only do the Red Sox have to contend with a top rated starting rotation they have to be up to the task of silencing the bats of the Detroit Tigers. The batting order if packed with players that can change the outcome of the game with one swing.

This is going to be a tough series for both team’s who never faced each other in post season play. I am sure the Red Sox are up to the task of making this interesting, but can they win the series? This is something we are going to have to wait and see.

Jim Leyland said; “If you watch the Red Sox, they have a tough club,””[Dustin] Pedroia, [Jacoby] Ellsbury, Jonny Gomes, Big Papi [David Ortiz]. I’m not saying they’re tougher than Oakland. I’m saying they’re a more veteran club. Oakland is a younger club.

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