Oscar Pistorius the man many called the Blade Runner will be facing 2 additional charges in the death of Reeva Steenkamp, the women he brutally shot to deth while she occupied the bathroom on Valentines day 2013.

The National Prosecuting Authority, is adding 2 gun charges into the case. The additional charges come from apparently firing guns in public. it is clear Pistorius had a fixation to firearms.

The Prosecuting Authority wants to use the additional charges to show another side of Pistorius. The reckless side that had no concern for human life.  Pistorius now faces charges of murder, illegal possession of ammunition and two other counts of breaking South Africa’s firearms laws in his trial in March.

Lawyers for Pistorius, received a letter advising them about the additional charges being added to the original indictment the Blade Runner was served with in August.

Pistorious’s lawyers filed an application opposing the inclusion of the two charges in his murder trial, apparently their plea to exclude these charges fell on deaf ears.

The lawyers orginally argued that the gun charges took place in another region of South Africa and not near the Pistorious villa where the killing of Steenkamp took place. The Prosecutors had to seek special permission to have all the charges against Pistorious centralized.

Looks like they won and they will go ahead with all the charges at the murder trial in March of 2014.


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