For years Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius has been the poster boy for the Paralympics. He is no longer needed according to Sir Philip Craven, the head of the games. Craven said, there are many other household names that can step up and take the spot of Pistorius.

With the murder trial of Pistorius girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp set to start next month, you have to wonder if this had anything to do with Sir Philip Craven’s statement. Why should the games be associated with someone who is accused of murdering his girl friend?

Pistorius is a poor example of what the Paralympics stand for. The games don’t need someone who could be a cold-blooded killer representing their games. There is no doubt that Pistorius shot Steenkamp, the only thing left to prove is whether the killing was an accidental shooting like the blade runner is claiming or if it was a premeditated murder like the police think.

Pistorius is another example of an athlete that was dumb enough to throw it all away because of some stupid decision. The guy had the world handed to him because of his success in track and field. He lost a bunch of endorsements since the killing and he has to be finding out that life isn’t easy when people aren’t handing you large chunks of money.

The days of Oscar Pistorius being the global icon of the Paralympics are now over. His freedom could soon be taken from him as well. He should spend the rest of his life behind bars if found guilty for premeditated murder.

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