Oscar Pistorius who admitted to fatally shooting and killing Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day, is now being sued for compensation by Steenkamps parents who are in financial ruin since the death of their daughter.

Reeva was a lifeline to her parents. She helped her parents June and Barry Steenkamp pay bills and buy the food they need to survive. When Pistorius shot and killed their daughter thinking she was a burger he also killed her parents only means of support.

Oscar Pistorius who is a millionaire has made it almost impossible for Steenkamp’s parents to get by these days. As they put it they were left with money struggles since the death of their daughter.  Meanwhile Pistorius is trying to go on with his life as though nothing happened.

He has restarted training thinking he is going to be a free man and will be able to continue running in races around the world. He has lost some of his sponsors since the shooting but he still has more than enough money to get by.

This is the first time Steenkamp’s  parents have spoken about their money struggles since Reeva, who helped them with food and bills, died on Valentine’s Day. Pistorius should be forced to hand them some money to get buy.

After all, he is the one who killed there support system, he is the one who brutally shot and killed their daughter.


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