Bills linebacker Kiko Alonso must not be able to understand the rules set fourth by the NFL. You can’t lead with your helmet. Anyone that can see, saw Alonso go after the Browns QB leading with his helmet. If that wasn’t bad enough, he made helmet to helmet contact with the QB.

It was clearly a violation of the NFL’s new policy, it was clearly evident what Alonso’s attempt was too. He wanted to end the night for the Browns quarterback and he did. Not from a concussion he tried to induce, but the quarterbacks knee was trapped underneath the players as Alonso tried to decapitate the Cleveland QB.

The Bills should sit this youngster down and explain to him that leading with your helmet while making a tackle in the NFL, will no longer be tolerated. If the NFL follows the procedure they set forth this season, Alonso should be getting a hefty pay check reduction in the form of a fine.

He looks to be a dirty player. There was no reason to make helmet to helmet contact with a quarterback that was beginning to slide. If this were one of the top NFL quarterbacks in the NFL, Alonso would have been flagged on the play and received a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness and leading with the helmet.

The NFL has to take a look at this play and they have to set Alonso straight in his helmet hitting tactics. He is a dirty player by today’s NFL standards. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with those kind of hits.


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