The New England Patriots have lost Rob Gronkowski to what appears to be a torn ACL in his right knee. Gronkowski was carted off the playing field after he took a hit from Browns safety T.J. Ward.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick didn’t care for the hit Ward laid on New England’s tight end and Belichick mumbled some words to Ward after the play.

It was a clean hit, Belichick has nothing to cry about and neither do the Patriot fans. This is the way the NFL wants the game to be played, they want the players to lower the hits and losing Gronkowski is a direct result of what the NFL has asked for.

Belichick has no right to complain. Ward did nothing wrong on the play and he made a picture perfect hit on Gronk.

It was just bad luck. Gronk took the hit and he suffered a football injury. The Big Tight end is injury prone, Belichick should know that. He has watched Gronk work most of the season trying to return from his arm injury.

Now Belichick can spend some time watching his big tight end return from a knee injury. Belichick has no room to complain about the hit T.J. Ward laid on Gronkowski, it was a clean hit and it was the kind of hit the NFL wants players to make.


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  1. Tom

    Wow, this guy has some serious hate for belichick. Chill out guy.


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