The so called experts picked the Cincinnati Bengals to take the AFC North this season. Andy Dalton is supposed to lead his team to the promise land this season. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen if Dalton continues to perform the way he did today.

The Bengals show Dalton suffer during the preseason and they wrote it off because it was the preseason. There aren’t many team in the NFL that have as many talented receivers as Dalton and the Bengals have.

The problem is Dalton isn’t making good passes to them and he hasn’t been able to do it since he started training camp this year. He threw 2 interceptions and gave the game away to the Chicago Bears with a rookie head coach.

This isn’t supposed to happen when you’re picked to take your division. The Bengals need Dalton to step up and be the quarterback he was last season. Every team in the AFC North lost in week one. Cincinnati didn’t take advantage of a struggling division because he is having his own struggles trying to get the ball to his receivers.

If he continues to have problems, the Bengals will have a miserable season and they will owe it all to Dalton’s inaccuracies. Somehow the Bengals have to find a way to get Andy Dalton straightened out and they have to do it before next week.

This is supposed to be the Bengals year to get it done and Dalton isn’t stepping up and talking advantage of it.

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